Our History

Founded in 1948 as a post-WWII aggregate supplier, Road Builders began operations in its current form in 1988, when the company was integrated to include earthmoving and pavement divisions. Our current scope of operations includes the production and sale of crushed stone and asphalt pavements, as well as the execution of grade contracts.

Family-owned and operated from the beginning, our customers benefit from an engaged management team that focuses on producing quality materials and providing sensible project management.


Our Mission

to engage the highway construction industry with integrity and enthusiasm, producing a quality product in a manner that is rewarding for our employees, our customers and our communities

Our Leadership

TERESA DOZER - Member, President

LAURA ELLIOTT - Member, Chief Financial Officer

BYRON JOHNSON - VP, Engineering

CHRIS FOSTER - VP, Operations

BRAD MORSE - VP, Aggregate Operations

CODY NAPIER - Process Control Manager